The Israeli Settler Movement

This ongoing project (with Cas Mudde), partly funded by the Israel Institute, focuses on the continuing political success of the Israeli settler movement (ISM). The ISM is one of the most enduring and successful social movements in recent Israeli history. Observers on both sides of the highly polarized issue of Israel’s politics in the West Bank agree on little, but all accept that over the past fifty years, the ISM has amassed influence dramatically out of proportion to its relatively small size. What explains this paradox?

This research project has two theoretically separate but empirically overlapping aims: (1) assessing the extent to which the ISM has influenced different aspects of politics and public debate in Israel, and (2) identifying the reasons for its salient influenceon public policy. Applying in particular social movement theories, we hope to better understand what explains the ISM’s enduring success, and what this can teach us about social movements in general.


This project will culminate in a co-authored book tentatively titled "The Israeli Settler Movement: Assessing and Explaining Social Movement Success". (under contract with Cambridge University Press)